Luxury Wax Melts in Tube Box

All of our Freckleface products are handmade here in the UK, which means they control what goes into it. They strive to create products that are as natural and as environmentally friendly as possible. The packaging is plastic-free and our products are all vegan. With fragrance times of at least 20 hours and incredible throw power that will fill the room, we hope you love using these products!

Don't forget you may need tea lights!

Simply choose 10 melts and add to the notes section or let me decide for you!!

Bergamot Vebena- Citrus, floral, uplifting. A wonderfully sophisticated and fresh uplifting fragrance. Perfect for any room.  

Clean Laundry - Fresh, clean, soapy. Reminiscent of your laundry drying on the radiators. Perfect for when you've just cleaned your home to fill each room with a fresh comforting fragrance.

Coconut & Sea Salt - Sweet, fresh, salty. Transport your senses to a tropical island.

Coffee Cooler - Coffee, vanilla, sweet. Based on our favourite iced coffee drink, this strong coffee & vanilla fragrance will make any coffee morning that little bit more special. 

English Lavender - Floral, relaxing, calming. Punchy strong lavender will help ease worries and calm your mind. Perfect for when you need some self care.

English Rose - Floral, relaxing, calming, fresh. Reminiscent of crushing rose petals into perfume as a child. This uplifting floral fragrance is perfect to calm your mind, ease hormonal imbalance and reduce anxiety. Rose oil has been used for generation to ease stress.

Eucalyptus & Peppermint - Menthol, cool, minty. The fresh, cool menthol aroma will lift your mood and clear your senses. Perfect to clear your sinuses or lift your mood during dark winter days.

GreenTea & Lemongrass - Fresh, uplifting, citrus. Relaxing, calming but also invigorationg green tea and lemongrass are the perfect combination for burning whilst you do yoga or pilates. Also good for upfliting the mood of your home.

Jasmine & Lime - Sweet, floral, citrus. Sweet foral Jasmine and zesty lime will bring vibes of being in warmer climates and fill your home with a fresh clean femine fragrance.

Lemon & Pine - Citrus, green notes, fresh. Lemon & pine are perfect together to make your home smell clean and also eliminate odours. Created to burn in the kitchen or bathroom.

Orange, Lime & Basil - Citrus, clean, fresh. A unique fragrance which brings together clean fresh tones with citrus tones and herbs.

Peony & Vanilla - Sweet, floral. Feminine fragrance, romantic peonies blended with sweet vanilla.

Pomegranate Black - Rich, fruity, musky. Inspired by the famous fragrance this heady mix is perfect for a night in with a movie.

Spiced Orange - Spicy, Citrus, Warm. Sweet ripe warm oranges blended with cloves and spices.

Strawberries & Cream - Sweet, rich, fruity. Summery ripe strawberries blended with vanilla. Perfect for younger customers or those with who prefer fruity, foody aromas.

Sweet Pea - Floral, sweet, fresh. A fresh sophisticated feminine fragrance to bring the scent of an English garden into your home.


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